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Any self-consciousness we feel about our bodies negatively impacts our self-esteem and reduces our quality of life. Psychologically, the impact is disproportionate to the actual aesthetic imperfection that may exist. This is especially true of some women's pudenda (genitals).

Although they are rarely seen, and are most likely not considered unattractive, a woman may feel insecure about showing her labia during sexual intercourse, or during dressing and showering in locker rooms.

In addition to the diminution of sexual pleasure caused by insecurity, the anatomy of a woman's labia minor and labia majora may be physical impediments to sexual pleasure. Sometimes, problems in this area can be serious enough that they prevent women from wearing certain styles of clothing that would not sufficiently conceal their genitals, such as leotards or other tight clothing.

Although women may feel uncomfortable admitting this insecurity, Dr. Barber and his staff are prepared to address the issue professionally and with decorum. Once you enter our office, your embarrassment will end. Depending on your particular concern, there are two major types of surgery that are generally done under the label "labiaplasty": labia minora reduction and labia majora remodeling.

Labia Minora Reduction

This procedure is performed on women who feel that their labia minora, the inner, more pliant lips, are excessively large, or possibly asymmetric. For women with this condition, exercising or competing in athletic activities can be uncomfortable. In addition, they sometimes feel discomfort in tight garments.

Women with large labia may experienced reduced pleasure during sexual intercourse, not only because of their self-consciousness about their labia minor, but also because the labia minor may prevent stimulation of the clitoris. Also, the labia minora may become chafed, even ulcerated during sexual congress.

Large labia minora can also pose hygiene difficulties leading to an increased incidence of urinary tract infections. Therefore, there are many women who have more than a cosmetic need for labia minora reduction.

Labia Majora Remodeling

The labia majora are the larger, hair-bearing lips of the vulva. For some women, these lips are excessively large, and can be visible in tight clothing, what is known as a "camel toe." This can be corrected with liposuction, if a woman has a high degree of skin elasticity, or with liposuction and skin excision if a woman's skin is insufficiently elastic to contract after the removal of fat from the area.

Mons Pubis Reduction

Although not technically associated with the female genital "lips," an enlarged mons pubis is another problem that some women encounter. As part of general weight gain or as a result of her body's fat-storing program, a woman may find that her mons pubis is unattractively prominent, restricting her clothing choices and making her reluctant to be seen undressed in front of potential romantic partners. Liposuction and/or skin excision may be indicated for correction of this problem.

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