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Lip Augmentation

The color of our lips gives them the power to automatically draw attention. If your lips are flat or unattractive, there is no way to hide them. Let Pittsburgh Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Barber help you get lips you want to sing about and not just with.

There are plenty of options to restore the luscious look your lips used to give off when you were younger.

Common Lip Problems

  • Thin or flat lips
  • No upper lip
  • Fat lips
  • No bottom lip
  • Lopsided lips
  • Poorly defined lips or Cupid's bow

In cases where the lips are too large, or asymmetrical, a lip lift surgery may be in order. Large lips may benefit from liposuction treatment. These options are usually permanent as the structure of the lips is drastically altered.

Treatment options

Injectable Fillers

Most of the problems with diminished lip volume can be corrected with the use of injectable fillers like Juvderm®, Restylane®, or collagen. These products are injected into the sub-dermal layer of skin in the area that needs to be expanded.

Juvderm® and Restylane® both derive from hyaluronic acid, which binds with water to increase volume. Some studies suggest that the expansion process enhances your body's natural collagen making ability.

Injected collagen is manufactured using animal products. It works the same way as other injectable fillers, but does require allergic skin testing prior to use. Collagen injections last up to 24 months, where hyaluronic acid injectable might need to be recharged every six months or so.

Lip Lift

Some conditions like overly large lips, harelips, or asymmetry are corrected through surgery also known as a lip lift. These procedures can reduce the size and alter the shape of the lips to give you a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Laser Treatment

A laser can be used on the lip to tighten up the existing natural collagen and elastic tissues of the lip.

When deciding on lip enhancement or augmentation to improve the shape and contouring of your mouth, it is important to find a reputable surgeon who is part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. James Barber is board certified, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and a prominent Pittsburgh area plastic surgeon.

To learn more about the lip augmentation procedures and other body sculpting options, call or email us today to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Barber.

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